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      Our History
      2006 company established
      2007-2010 Research and develop the first generation of ultrathin LED multi-medai display screen, get certificates like national Innovation patent and Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise.
      2011-2012 Intelligent control sysytem R&D center set up, establishing stragetic cooperation partnership with countries like Chile, Katar, Peru and so on. Move to Hengcai Industrial Park.
      2013-2014 Jointly develop energy-saving LED(HC-6900~HC-6902) chip with Sichuan Technology University, get certificate of Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise, get several patents and innovation product award. Mr Chen, General manager of Hengcai, is awarded as High-level Professional in Shenzhen.
      2015-2017 Hengcai multi-media information releasing system(v8.0) applied in LED ads broadcast, which make Hengcai get several new patents and one innovation patent. Besides, Hengcai is awarded the best in users satisfication among industry suppliers. We get certificate of National High-tech Enterprise in the same year.
      2018 Emergency broadcast sysytem, several software and studio software LED system are released.Besides, we have get 5 Computer Software Copyright Registration Certificate.
      2019 Intelligent Transportation Crossing System is released based on emergency broadcast sysytem; new products-GOB series is released based on the disadvantages of fine pitch products. Meantime, we have applied many patents.
      Our Factory And Production Equipment
      The company has a registered capital of RMB 30 million and a factory area of about 10,000 銕? It relies on modern and automated production equipment to ensure a monthly production capacity of 6,000銕? It has won dozens of product innovation patent technologies at home and abroad.
      Our Product And Product Application
      1.Indoor small pitch led display screen
      Application: Indoor Meeting, traffic dispatching, military command system etc.
      2.Indoor led display screen
      Application: Indoor advertising, enterprises and institutions, performance stage, large conference rooms and regular media
      3.Outdoor led display screen
      Application: Outdoor media advertising, traffic guidance, government promotion, outdoor performance rental etc.
      4.Creative led display screen
      Application: Building lighting, custom design according to different environments
      Our Certificate
      Business License, National High-tech Enterprise, Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise, China Entertainment Technology Association ,EMC,ROHS, CE, FCC, CCC, Member of China Optics and Optoelectronics Manufactures Association,ISO14001銆両SO9001 ,Audited Supplier, FEC member
      Production Market
      Shenzhen Hengcai Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. has long-term cooperation with many engineering companies, media groups, enterprises and institutions at home and abroad.
      It was also designated by the Xinhua News Agency to promote the external media – Aoxing International Media Group. The LED display project for China’s foreign media promotion was designated by Hengcai Optoelectronics. The ongoing projects are in Southeast Asia, Australia, North America and South America. And Pacific island countries and regions have begun to implement.
      1.PNG 2018APEC main venue Bund screen
      2.Chilean National Parliamentary Center
      3.Chilean National Television
      4.Chile National Sports Directorate
      5.Peruvian National Sports Administratio
      6.Brazilian Carnival
      7.Thai Military Police Department
      8.Dongba Theater, Thailand
      9.DHL US Department Dispatch Screen
      10.Intercontinental Hotel Indonesia
      Our Service
      Provide on-site exploration and professional design according to the site environment to provide more applicable products
      2.In sale
      On-site software and hardware related knowledge training and daily after-sales service, engineer installation on-site construction guidance
      3.After sales
      Hengcai promises lifetime maintenance and a 3-year warranty. Provide regular inspections and provide free maintenance during the warranty period.Creative Spherical Led Display price

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