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      The heavy duty tarpaulin is made to withstand under tough environment conditions, providing a sturdy coverage by manufacturing with superior graded material. Double side lamination ensures the tarp is waterproof and has longer life than other traditional tarpaulin. For extra support, customizing re-enforced seam and grommet, the tarp can be easily tie down and secure in one place. An incredible tarpaulin for industrial, landfill sites, equipment covering and more. Haili tarp is providing products that provide the most satisfaction possible, higher quality in a reasonable price range!
      – Weather resistant: Tarp is resistant to water, lower the damage caused by wind and longtime sun exposure
      – Extra heavy duty tarpaulin: Made with high quality polyethylene
      – Durable: Cross laminated with anti-aging material, has longer use life
      – Washable: Can be easily clean and wash
      – Versatility: Available in 18 sizes, different colors, and 5 thicknesses measure
      – Customization: Size, heated seam, grommet spacing allows to be customizedChina Heavy Duty Waterproof Tarpaulin

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